Oudenaarde 1708 - 2008
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In 1701 the Spanish king died without an heir to the throne and his realm fell into the hands of Philip of Anjou, grandson of the French king Louis XIV. This caused a big political crisis throughout Europe. The other powers, such as England, feared the rise of a French – Spanish European superpower and waged war against France.

Oudenaarde 1708-2008
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Exhibition: Oudenaarde 1708: a town, a king, a general

Location: town hall
A visit to the exhibition takes 2 hours.

  • Entrance fee: € 7 per person.
  • With reduction: € 5 per person.

Guided tour:  € 45 per guide, maximum 25 people per group.

Schools: tours made to measure, children’s tour.

Exhibition: Schoon Volk (Beautiful People)

Location: House de Lalaing
A visit to the exhibition takes 1 hour.

The House de Lalaing is a beautiful example of a 16th century mansion.  Its façade and salons were adapted in rococo style in the middle of the 18th century (1730-1760).
The stately premises form the ideal setting to bring to life the fascinating 18th century housing culture. The salons have been transformed into elegant living rooms, with reconstructions of a dining-room, a smoking salon, a coffee and tea corner, a boudoir and a nursery.  Each room tells the story of ‘le goût français’ (French taste), which greatly influenced the living culture in the Southern Netherlands at the time.  This French taste cannot only be found in the decoration, interior and lay-out of the salons, but also in the fashion and hair styles.  Towering, artificial wigs and elegant dresses lead you to the boudoir, the room of beauty.
The design of the nursery proves that the Louis-styles were not only an adult matter.  The children’s way of thinking and their environment get ample attention here.

  • Entrance fee:  € 3 per person.
  • Combined with the main exhibition: € 8 per person.
  • With reduction: € 6.
  • Guided tour: € 45 per guide, maximum 25 people per group
  • Combined with the main exhibition: € 67.50 (€ 45 for the main exhibition + € 22.50 for Schoon Volk)

Schools: tours made to measure, children’s tour.

Town walk: In the footsteps of Louis

Starting point: town hall
The walk takes 2 hours.

A visit to the exhibition can be combined with the town walk In the footsteps of Louis.
We look for traces from the reign of Louis XIV.  Stately mansions that were influenced by French architecture show that the impact on the local townscape was fundamental.  Various French styles such as late baroque, elegant rococo, Louis XIV and Empire are elaborately discussed referring to a number of striking examples. A nice way to get acquainted with some little-known 18th century heritage.

But there is more than only architecture on the program.  Also the spirit of the age, the political and social situation and everyday life in the 18th century are evoked in fascinating popular stories.

  • Tour: € 45 per guide, 25 persons maximum.

Schools: tours made to measure.

Walk: The Battlefield Walk : Oudenaarde 1708

Point of departure: Mullem.
The walk takes 3 hours (maximum).

A guide takes you to the battlefield.  The site is unique as it is more or less unspoilt amidst the rolling hills.
During a fair walk of 10 km the guide makes you relive the Battle of Oudenaarde while you can thoroughly enjoy the natural beauty of the Flemish Ardennes.

  • € 67.50 per guide, 20 persons maximum.


  • You can also explore the battlefield with a guide by bike.
    € 67.50 per guide, 20 persons maximum per guide.
    Bicycles are for hire: € 10 per person.

  • On demand the battlefield can be reached by cart and horse.
    Maximum 10 persons.
All activities can be combined