Oudenaarde 1708 - 2008
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“Oudenaarde1708: A town, a king, a general” is the title of the exhibition that will open in the weekend of 11 May 2008 and will run till October 2008. Louis XIV suffered a bitter defeat in Oudenaarde on 11 July 1708. It was neither the first nor the last one, but it was decisive.

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With the help of a series of well-known and lesser-known objects we tell the story of the battle: the triumph of the Duke of Marlborough, the miscalculation of the French, the suffering of the soldiers.
The eye-catcher of the exhibition will be the replica of Oudenaarde with the fortifications designed by the world-famous military engineer Vauban. For the first time in history this showpiece will be exhibited outside France. 18th-century Oudenaarde will be confronted with today’s Oudenaarde.